Emergency Lighting Light Meter (Luxmeter / Photometer)

Megatron closed down operations at the end of February 2010. OTC provides these Megatron pages for information only.

megatron DL3-5266

Megatron DL3-5266

New Lightmeter from Megatron for Emergency Lighting

Megatron has introduced a new lightmeter with ten times more sensitivity than any previous digital meter on its standard range. The DL3-5266 luxmeter is specifically designed to meet the requirements of
BS 5266-1:1999. This British Standard* is a code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises other than cinemas and certain other specified premises used for entertainment. Annex A is on measuring the illuminance of emergency lighting, and includes the following requirements for the ligh meter:

  • Good cosine correction as a large proportion of the light falls obliquely on the surface being measured.
  • Sufficient sensitivity to measure the very low levels of lighting sometimes involved - a minimum resolution of 1 mlux (0.001 lux) and covering a maximum up to at least 100 lux.
  • A sensor remote from the readout is preferred to reduce the danger of shading the sensor as readings are being taken.
  • The ability for the meter to be read quickly as emergency lighting often varies with time.

The DL3-5266 luxmeter has excellent cosine correction, resolution down to 1 mlux (0.001 lux) with a maximum reading of 199.9 lux; the sensor is on a 2m cable, or it can be used for making an initial assessment in situ as shown in the photo. The large digits and discrete backlight make it easy and quick to read. There is a hold facility that can be helpful under very low light conditions, or in awkward positions were the display is not easy to read.

The DL3-5266 has the following three ranges:

0 - 1.999 lux - resolution 0.001 lux
0 - 19.99 lux - resolution 0.01 lux
0 - 199.9 lux - resolution 0.1 lux

It is based on our well-proven DL3 range of meters with Megatron Type M colour-correct sensors, calibrated to standards directly traceable to the National Physical Laboratory. They are reliable robust instruments, supported by our efficient calibration and maintenance service. Although the DL3-5266 luxmeter was developed for emergency lighting, it is also suitable whenever very low lighting levels need to be measured accurately.

*BS 5266-1:1999 is available from: BSI, 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL

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