New Instrument for Marine Low Location and Photoluminescent Lighting

Megatron closed down operations at the end of February 2010. OTC provides these Megatron pages for information only.


megatron LLL

Megatron Marine Low Location and Photoluminescent Lighting Kit



Maritime Low-Location and Photoluminescent Lighting Measurement Kit
To Comply With IMO Resolution A.752(18) and ISO 15370

The Megatron LLM meter is designed to measure the performance of photoluminescent systems used for emergency lighting. The meter is supplied as a set of equipment packed into a handy flight case that contains all you need to carry out measurements in accordance with Annex C of ISO 16069:2004.

The Kit contains:
· Megatron D-PHOT - meter for measuring the output of the photoluminescent material
· Megatron D-LED - meter to measure the light falling onto the photoluminescent material
· La -EL-2 - data logger to record the fall off in light output with time
· Software - for copying data from the logger onto a PC and Spreadsheet utility to display results of tests.
· Stand - to hold D_PHOT measurement head in contact with the photoluminescent material

The meter provides a convenient way to measure the performance of photoluminescent materials when installed as part of an emergency way guidance system. The photometer head is designed so that it forms a light tight seal around the material being tested thus making it unnecessary to conduct the test in darkness.

The main D-PHOT meter has a head with a photo-receptive area of only 22 x 40 mm making the device suitable on virtually all systems. It has a range of 0 to 2 cdm-2 with a resolution of 0.00002 cdm-2. The specification of the unit is such that it meets all requirements set out in Annex C of ISO 16069:2004

The meter is also suitable for use on ships and can be used to assess systems described in ISO 15370:2001 and IMO Resolution A.752(18)

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