The Umpires Lightmeter (Light meter)

Megatron closed down operations at the end of February 2010. OTC provides these Megatron pages for information only.

megatron ulm

Megatron Umpires Lightmeter (Lightmeter)

The Megatron Umpires Lightmeter (ULM) is a compact accurate digital instrument originally designed to indicate lighting levels on the cricket field, but with a wide variety of other applications for both indoor and outdoor sports.

With an acceptance angle of 60 degrees, the ULM is more directional than a standard luxmeter; it operates like a photographic exposure meter, much in the same way as the sportsman's eye.

The sensitivity has been adjusted so that there is no distracting flutter of the final digit, nor any loss of useful accuracy resulting from too coarse a scale. The reading can be taken directly, or if it is more convenient, using the HOLD position on the ON/OFF switch. "Bad light" is usually offered to the batsman at a figure of about 3.5.

The instrument is robust but small and light enough to go into a top pocket; it is supplied with full instructions and pouch.

Weight (including case): 160g / 5.5oz.
Dimensions: 35x60x100mm / 1.3x2.4x4.0in.
The case adds about 8mm (0.3in) to each of these dimensions.

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