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The Exfo Fiber Guardian is a stand alone 19" rack mounted fibre optic cable monitoring OTDR unit for permanent connection to the fibre network by either connecting to a single fibre in a cable or to every fibre in the cable or network.

Modules are available for all common telecoms wavelengths: 1310, 1490, 1510, 1550, 1625 and 1650nm

Do you have one of these situations or problems?

  • Support Level Agreements requiring the minimum of dowtime for the network
  • Need to ensure that the engineers performing repairs or upgrades are performing efficiently
  • Don't have sufficient trained personel to trouble shoot the fibre network with a traditional OTDR

  • Access is done remotely by any PC connected to the internet through a browser, no dedicated PC or server required.

    The Fiber Guardian is a multitasking test system and can run several different tests at the same time run by different users. Test are performed based on thresholds which can be set for each test or each port. Each event is stored on the HDD, useful for detecting and analysing intermittent faults.

    Fiber Guardian can be programmed to monitor some events more closely than others e.g. check a particular section for total loss degredation whilst being less sensitive to reflective peaks.

    Fiber Guardian being a multiport OTDR has the function to test, automatically or manually

  • Unplanned testing Performs fully manual tests with result download
  • On-demand testing If a fault occurs, it is logged and alerting starts
  • 24/7 monitoring Only fault-related events are stored
  • Scheduled testing Tests can be set for predefined times and repeated (daily, weekly)

  • How are you informed of a problem?
    Fiber Guardian can send you an SMS when a fault occurs or when a fault is cleared. Alternatively you can send an SMS to Fiber Guardian to perform a specific test and report back if there is a fault.

    Fiber Guardian can be integrated into your own network management system. Simply capture XML alerts as they happen and integrate them into your system.

    Not sure what detection thresholds to set?

    Let Fiber Guardian do the thinking for you by you selecting fine, normal or course and the Fiber Guardian sets the levels for you.

    Fiber Guardian is highly configurable but some of the key points are:
  • 1 or 2 wavelength models as standard
  • Internal optical test access unit (OTAU) with 8 or 16 local ports
  • External optical test access unit (OTAU) with 24 or 96 local ports through RS232
  • External optical test access unit (OTAU) with 24 or 96 remote ports through IP network
  • Filtered WDM s for live fibre monitoring at 1625nm or 1650nm

  • Expansion to a client-server fiber test and monitoring solution at a later date is easy with the Fiber Guardian. Scaling up to NQMSfiber doesn t require any change to the test units.

    NQMSfiber includes functions such as alarm management and reporting view of the entire network status on a schematic

    The NQMSfiber solution enables you to centralize your network operation and maintenance and integrates with your existing network management systems. NQMSfiber can also be provided with network documentation based on GIS for mapping of the as-built and fault-on-map feature.