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The Fitel S179 A V2 is a Core-Alignment fusion splicer offering the highest accuracy of alignment for singlemode fibre (9/125um), able to provide splices of 0.02dB (typical).

This latest version of the S179A V2 has several improvements over its predecessor including battery chargeing whilst operating the splicer, a new illumination lamp to light the V-Groove and a strengthened heater to improve protection sleeve loading.

Don't know what type of fibre you have been asked to splice because the customer doesn't know what was installed? EASY, set the splice program to Auto and the S178A V2 will determine the fibre size and set the splice program automatically, multimode or singlemode!

A rugged metal body is protected by 4 rubber pads on all 4 corners to improve shock and impact resistance in the event of the S178A V2 being dropped. Water resistance to IPX2 and dust resistance to IPX5 add to the environmental protection of the S178A V2.

A splice time of 7 seconds, heat shrink time of 25 seconds and a splice cycle of 200 (splicing and heating) makes the S178A V2 fast with a prolonged time frame for all day work

Main features include
  • Internal battery charging
  • Core Alignment
  • Rugged and compact
  • Fast splice 7 seconds
  • 200 cycles (splice and heat)
  • Easy software upgrade via internet
  • Auto start splicing and heat shrink oven
  • Large memory 2000 count
  • Drop resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Dust resistant

OTC are an official Fitel Service Centre and Sales Distributor for Fusion Splicers and Cleavers