Megatron Lightmeters and Photometers

Megatron closed down operations at the end of February 2010. OTC provides these Megatron pages for information only.



Nearly everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of the environment - the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the light we see with - these are some of the elements on which our lives depend. No longer can we just take them for granted; they need monitoring and sustaining if their quality is not to deteriorate. Megatron manufactures photoelectric cells and instruments for measuring light. They are used by such people as the National Gallery, the National Trust, the Health & Safety Executive for monitoring light in the working environment, Ross Breeders for setting the illuminance levels in their hatcheries - in fact by conservationists, safety officers, architects, lighting engineers, and researchers for checking all levels of natural and artificial lighting, from emergency lighting in planes and ships to bright sunlight on skylights.

Since we were founded in l945, we have built up a reputation as one of the world's leading manufacturers of all types of selenium photoelectric (photovoltaic) cells; we have also developed our own range of Megatron light meters (also called: lightmeters, illuminance meters, photometers, brightness meters, white light meters, luxmeters), matched to our photocells. The design of these meters is kept up to date to give ease of use together with the benefits of accuracy and good performance.

We aim to be flexible in the service given to our customers, so if you require a modification to one of our standard light meters, or a special-purpose instrument, please get in touch with us. Nearly all our instruments are calibrated in lux, the internationally used unit of illuminance, but we can readily supply instruments calibrated in foot candles if preferred. To maintain the performance of our instruments we offer a repair service which includes everything from a calibration check to a complete re-build of outdated equipment.

This web site introduces our range of light measuring instruments and components:


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Analogue Light Meters
Emergency Lighting Luxmeter
Marine Low Location Lighting Kit - NEW
Architectural Model And Daylight Factor Meters
Cubic Illumination Meter
Euro-MASTER II Exposure Meter
Umpires Lightmeter
Lighting Control Components
Notes on Obtrusive Light / Light Pollution
Stock List & Prices - Light Meters & Photometers
Selenium Photo-Electric Cells
Stock List & Prices - Photo-Electric Cells
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